Friday, July 10, 2009

Haikus Part ii

Twitter is awesome.
Only one hundred forty
God I suck at life.

Why do I work out?
Make muscles big and brain small,
I’m a dumb meathead.

I like to play sports
Football, baseball, basketball
Too bad I am suck.

What day is it now?
I have an ignorant face
What’s the point of this.

Food food food food food
Pizza, Tacos, Spaghetti
Gluttons for the win.

The internet rules.
Pretend to be anyone.
I’m really Jeff Ma.

Want to make money?
It’s easier than you think
Go rob a bank, duh.

Need a good idea?
If so, then please excuse us
We are retarded.


  1. CW - What are the necessary dimensions for this ad?


    It's the one for $65. Click on it and it shows a preview.

  3. Okay. Since I started on the most expensive (obviously), I'll publish it, and we can all discuss what changes need to be made, or if it's even valid at all.