Friday, October 23, 2009


From Bill P. again:

On the field, little really has to change.

The infield seems set, from Russell Martin to James Loney to Rafael Furcal to Casey Blake, with a possible platoon of Ronnie Belliard and Blake DeWitt playing second


Russell Martin qualified for the second lowest slugging percentage (.329) among catchers in 2009, besting only Jason Kendall (.305).

James Loney hit 13 homers. He is a first baseman. His OPS (.756) was lower than Ryan Garko's (.765). He hit one home run and slugged .316 at home.

Rafael Furcal turns 32 tomorrow. Want him to lead off? He had an OBP of .335 and stole 12 bases while getting caught six times.

Casey Blake is 36. Casey Blake lost 50 points of OPS in the second half. Casey Blake had a 97:39 K:BB against righties last year. He oddly alternates between good and bad seasons since 2003.

Blake Dewitt shouldn't be mentioned. Ronnie Belliard would be a serviceable utility guy. NOT A DAMN SECOND BASEMAN.

"The infield seems set." DOES IT? You just suggested an infield that hit 54 homers for the Dodgers last year. Total. Fifty-four.

The teams who lead their respective leagues in homers hit: New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies

I'm convinced of this. Bill Plaschke keeps a scorecard at baseball games. The second someone gets an extra base hit, he takes out his sharpie and writes "FUNDAMENTALS" in big letters on the scorecard and sits with his hands crossed for the rest of the game.

Hitting is part of the game, farthead.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kill Me