Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Should I do this?

I get:

Carlos Lee
Adrian Gonzalez

He gets:

Kevin Youkilis
Josh Johnson

I am desperate for power numbers, BTW. Not so desperate for starting pitching.


  1. My butt itches.

  2. I wouldn't expect Adrian Gonzalez to replicate his first half stats in the second half.

    If Johnson is expendable then it looks like a good deal.

    If you need pitching though this would not work out very well for you.

  3. I don't love the deal. I wouldn't do it

  4. I feel like you're taking on too much money. Do you have a tight payroll? During this economy, I'll assume you do. Look at it this way:

    Carlos Lee 09:$18.5M, 10:$18.5M, 11:$18.5M, 12:$18.5M
    Adrian Gonzalez 09:$3M, 10:$4.75M, 11:$5.5M club option (no buyout)


    Youkilis 09:$6M, 10:$9.125M, 11:$12M, 12:$12M, 13:$13M club option ($1M buyout)
    Josh Johnson 09: $1.4M

    I'm not sure you can afford it.

  5. Do(Don't) make the trade. It would be awful(awesome) for your team.

  6. What OF will Lee replace? Who will replace Johnson? What's the format/depth?

    Not knowing those details, I would rather have AGonz & Lee, but I have a deep aversion to SP. Johnson is very good, but in shallow leagues, he needs only get a tiny bit worse & he's waiver wire replaceable.

    That being said, my most recent trade was Ian Stewart for Kuroda (16 team fantasy scoring weekly lineups with 4sp/team, heavy emphasis on SP).