Monday, July 6, 2009

Since you guys aren't putting any effort into this...

Steroids have recently ruined baseball. The game used to be respectable. It used to have integrity. The players were always clean and great. I wish the game could back to when it was pure.

Remember that loveable fat guy named Babe Ruth? He's widely considered the best player of all time. Three times he assaulted an umpire and twice he charged into the stands to attack fans, but he did it all clean(maybe). True American Hero.

What about the great Ty Cobb? He would never ever cheat. He got his strength and batting skills from slashing black men for being "uppity." Another workout he liked was going into the stands to beat up handicapped hecklers. He also sharpened the spikes on his cleats to intimidate the infielders. He got in a fight with a groundskeeper, but don't worry, he didn't only fight men, that'd be sexist! He also choked the groundskeeper's wife for intervening.

Rogers Hornsby and Tris Speaker were both members of the 3 K's clan(I guess that's a bad word). Many others around that time probably were, too. Cap Anson refused to play with black players.

Okay, I'll talk seriously now. The game has never been all that respectable. It may have never been pure either....

Players have always been trying to get an edge using anything they could get. Hank Aaron even said he used greenies! Here's a quote from his book, I Had a Hammer: "Actually the 1968 season wasn't the best time to present my case. It was the first time since my rookie year that I didn't drive in or scored 100 runs. I was so frustrated that at one point I tried using a greenie that one of my teamates gave me."


While he only admitted to using it once, why shouldn't we suspect him of using it more? Why should we assume he didn't use steroids, amphetamines, or HGH? If we look at some of his numbers, he even fits the profile of a steroid user.

Aaron hit 29 HRs at 34 years old, 44 HRs at 35, and hit a career high 47 HRs at 37, and 40 HRs at 39. Some of his best power years were past his prime.

Doesn't that look suspicious? He only broke the HR record because he was able to play at a higher level longer than most players. People have already said that steroids helped Bonds prolong his career. I guess Aaron is dirty, too.

Interesting quote from Tom House, the pitcher who caught Aaron's recording-breaking HR:

"I actually think that the game is cleaner today than when I was playing,'' says former major league pitcher Tom House, who pitched in the 1970s and was later Nolan Ryan's pitching coach. House says that he used steroids because "In my case, I was doing everything I could just to survive, but the steroid use ended up backfiring on him....Every generation of players -- the '20s, '30s, '40s on up -- everybody was looking for a way to get the most out of their bodies, and they took whatever they possibly could. It was almost expected. . . "


People seem to think that steroids have only been around recently. That's not true at all. They've been around for quite some time. Many of your heroes were probably not pure.


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