Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NCAA Tournament Picks with Ridiculously Limited Insight - Thursday

BYU (7) over Florida (10) - That Fredette fool is a beast. And I really don't know why Florida is even in the tournament. This pick came with much hesitation, because BYU has lost their last seven first-round tournament games. I was also hesitant because of my ridiculously limited insight.

Notre Dame (6) over Old Dominion (11) - I don't think this will be the blowout that some are expecting. Notre Dame is highly overrated at almost everything they do. Watching ODU beat Georgetown brings great hesitation (as does my ridiculously limited insight), but I think that Notre Dame takes this one now that they have Harangody back.

Villanova (2) over Robert Morris (15) - This doesn't require much explanation, or too much limited insight. I would like to inject, however, that Villanova seems like a team built around the tournament. As a matter of fact, I was the only one of my group of tournament friends who had Nova in the Final Four last year. Who knew 12 guards could be so effective?

Vanderbilt (4) over Murray State (13) - I wanted this to be an upset so badly, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. I'd say it's a good 60-40 shot in favor of Vanderbilt, making this the most feasible 4-13 upset apart from Siena over Purdue (which I suppose isn't saying much). Vanderbilt has strength from beyond the arc, and probably won't expose Murray State's lack of size. This is far too difficult for my ridiculously limited insight to handle.

Kansas State (2) over North Texas (15) - I have Kansas State in the Final Four for two of my five brackets. Sorry Kenny. Despite my ridiculously limited insight, I have little faith in the Orange.

Baylor (3) over Sam Houston State (14) - I have Baylor in the final four for one of my five brackets, and I can't really explain why. Maybe something to do with the insight.

Richmond (7) over St. Mary's (10) - By now, you have observed my limited insight, and it would appear as if I'm taking all of the top seeds. According to ESPN, however, I'm taking the team with 40% chances to win. I find the Atlantic 10 to be mildly underrated. Also, spiders scare Jared.

UTEP (12) over Butler (5) - Despite all the hype surrounding Cornell from the worldwide leader in sports, I like UTEP best for my 5-12 upset. Both have been very hot for the last couple of months, but I think that in the end, C-USA is the most under-appreciated conference of the two. Because I am under the age of 18, I am therefore a miner, so UTEP appeals to me and my limited insight all the more.

UNLV (8) over Northern Iowa (9) - I am in the minority with this pick (not racist), but I'm decently confident. Well, as confident as one can be with an 8-9 match-up and such ridiculously limited insight. Northern Iowa is a good team, but they haven't played a single game against a top-25 team, while UNLV has played nine.

Kentucky (1) over E Tenn St. (16) - E Tenn St. winning this game would be like the Chargers making the playoffs after a 4-8 start over the once 8-4 Broncos. I'd castrate myself if either of these happened.

Marquette (6) over Washington (11) - The Pac-10 really sucked this year, and I have no faith in the two teams that made it to get past the first round. I live in the west, so my ridiculously limited insight is only moderately limited in this case.

Georgetown (3) over Ohio (14) - I have Georgetown making the Elite Eight a few times in my brackets, but they are unfortunately paired with Kansas, so they make it no further. Ohio really shouldn't be a problem, though. A definite step up from last year.

Kansas (1) over Lehigh (16) - I wrestled with this one for hours. I'm still not really sure. Basically the flip of a coin. Well, after someone invents a one-sided coin.

Texas (8) over Wake Forest (9) - There is less talent in this match-up than in the 8-9 NCAA Women's game. I can honestly say that I don't think either of these teams would win the NIT. I'm just going to go with Texas after seeing WF lose to Cleveland St. last year as a 4-seed. Like, seriously. This game sucks.

New Mexico (3) over Montana (14) - Admittedly, I didn't pick any 14s, 15s, or 16s to win in the first round this year. This is the only 3-14 match-up that I've heard worries about from my even less-informed friends. New Mexico is a greatly underrated team (not by the rank, which I found rather generous, but just by the underrepresentation in sports talk) that I don't actually have going that far, but didn't think twice about with my first round pick.

Tennessee (6) over San Diego State (11) - In my opinion, too many people are jumping at the opportunity to take SDSU as their primary 6-11 upset pick. I did those wusses one better, and took Minnesota over Xavier. A Tennessee fan I am not, but I really don't think San Diego State is all it's cracked up to be, in accordance to my ridiculously limited insight.