Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brain Rush

As part of Cartoon Network's "CN Real" campaign, the show Brain Rush exists. On it, contestants are asked general knowledge questions while riding a roller coaster at your neighborhood conglomerate amusement park. The show marks the apex of pressure quizzlers....OR DOES IT?

I'm a television producer. The internet allows me to claim as much. I'm fielding a few ideas for new pressure quizzlers, but I'd also appreciate your opinion on what I'm currently throwing at the wall. Throwing and fielding.

Plane Crash Quiz - You're on a plane as it descends rapidly toward the ground! What's the capital of Bangladesh? Do you want $75 or not? There's no time for life vests.

Murder Quiz - As someone attempts to stab you, that same person asks you questions of general knowledge. How long does it take for blood to clot? Check your stomach.

Hooker Quiz - While receiving night treats, a hooker asks you knowledge questions that are general. How long does it take for blood to clot? Check your stomach.

Waterboarding Quiz - Except with Hi-C instead of water. Questions are general knowledge.

Listen to Sports Talk Radio Quiz - Try answering knowledge questions general while sports radio rapidly decays your brain.

Hear that voice in the background? It's Chris Russo. 2 + 2 = Iowa

Several Quizzes at Once - Who was Warren G. Harding's Secretary of the Interior? What do you call a person who studies mollusks? How many years did the Portuguese Restoration War last? Please answer in reverse order.

Swine Flu Quiz - Avoid the spray of a super soaker full of swine flu juice and answer questions for like $58 or whatever.

Taking the bit too far quiz - shut up


  1. UFL Quiz - Answer general knowledge questions given by Chris Perry while trying to get the ball out of his hands- Wait. Too easy.

  2. Hello

    -Brian Cox

  3. I would epic fail all those quizes.

  4. I want to take teh Erin Andrews Quiz. Is she nude or not?