Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jeff Ma Translation

What he meant to say:

"1) Fuck all you losers. Why don't any of you guys get it? No one actually likes Protrade. No one logs on, because boLTs is really gay. To be honest, I can't log onto PT because the Chinese government blocked it. I can only log onto Facebook, because most Chinese people would kill themselves otherwise. Do you really think that anyone besides nerds in their basement like PT? For God's sake, it was made by a Poker Genius from MIT and a middle aged white guy with an ugly hairline."

"2) We are going to leave the site as is, and make Oski do everything. He is happy from his move up from janitor. After Trevor quit, I had real trouble finding employees. Plus, I am broke. That's why Oski came in, even though his only degree is making jokes at the wrong times.

Please do not send me any of your questions. I've heard it all. The answer is yes, PT is done."



  1. Perhaps he saw the writing on the wall before any of us did. The writing was in Chinese.

  2. But we already knew all of this. His comments were by no means a game changer.

  3. PT gone = no more mentions of PT here = good thing + yogurt

    -Jeff Ma