Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joke Time

Two muffins are being put into an oven. The first muffin said to the second muffin, "Oh my god we are being put into an oven!" The second muffin said, "Oh my god a talking muffin!!!!!1"

Two palm trees are in a hurricane. The first palm tree said to the second palm tree, "Oh my god we are in a hurricane!" The second palm tree said, "Oh my god a talking palm tree!!!!!1"

Q: What did Bigface say when Jared tried to steal his cheese?
A: "NACHO Cheese!!!"


  1. Bigface, Jared, and Kenny walked into a bar. They got shitfaced because they're all really depressed. GEt it??!!

  2. I don't get shitfaced because I'm depressed, I get shitfaced because I'm awesome. And because no one loves me.

    Also, I would never steal Bigface's cheese. That goes against all man laws.

  3. Channing Frye once actually told the Nacho cheese joke.

  4. And he was never heard from again.

  5. "Oh my god[s]" and 'hurricanes' are all covered in this video