Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to make an Amazon review

Step Everything

Here are some examples:

The Dark Knight Limited Edition Soundtrack

"This CD is a very tremendous one. It has a dark feeling once more after 3 years. But, this is even containing darker feeling for me. In this soundtrack, all tracks are so good and well-made. Some track is very dark more like a dark chocolate. It has a very sad feeling, an intense feeling and exciting feeling. Overall, a great music CD and it's memorable."

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 [Widescreen Edition]

"This is a good movie. It brings a lot of happiness and tears. Three years ago, I watched the first series of this movie. This again, doesn't bring disappointment at all. It is a fully well-done movie. For the story, it is very touchy. For the acting, they are better than the first one especially for America Ferrera as Carmen. For the direction, it is all making sense and good. Finally, the visuals are good as well. Overall, great movie and I enjoyed it."

Wall-E Special Edition

"This movie is very good and memorable. It brings tears but not whole lot of happiness. I like this movie because it is now reflecting to our true reality of saving the earth. However, compared to the other movies, I would say that this movie is not really funny. In fact, it was a bit boring. There are some improvements. First, make more dialogues and second is to make more funny scenes. If these two elements are existing, it is going to be a lot better. But overall, it is a great movie but there are rooms for improvements."

Get Smart Soundtrack

"If you are smart, buy this movie's soundtrack. It is because it is so great and exciting. When I am listening, I will have the funny and the spying feelings. All the tracks are very great and decent. Just try, and you will like it."

Nobody does it better.


  1. If you don't think he's for real, check out his profile picture. LOL, the English language is the best!

  2. This guy is a genius, but anyone who thought Wall-E was boring deserves to be punched in the face.

  3. "Boring"....but "great"

  4. 16 pages of reviews?! With this quality of work, I think this should be your day job, although you could get better. Good work. I like it. It's flawful.

  5. I'll assume everyone has seen the three wolves t shirt reviews.. I will gladly link them if you haven't

  6. I haven't, please link


    Sorry about stealing your thunder, Jeremy.