Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yankees Phillies Oh boy

I cannot wait for this crap.

The prospect of Nick Swisher giving a post game interview, as the champagne kills the very few brain cells he has left, telling me it took one game at a time. That's right, at any point in time you are, by rule, forced to play one game. There are no split squads in the playoffs. Your statement is resounding in its truth. I do hope a bus hits your bus on the way out, though.

Camera pans to Kate Hudson! Is there a more useless person than Kate Hudson? It's pretty much "Almost Famous" and a bucket of poison. Now she's going out with Alex Luthor. (Like that, I've worked on it all month. I decided to go with it even though Alex Luthor was Lex Luthor's son in comic book lore. No worries, only queers read comic books. No offense. To the literates.)

Joe Buck trying to impress us. He is really trying to impress us with his voice, knowledge and ability to relate what is happening on the field to something not immediately happening on the field. He brings ear atrophy. Not to be outdone by Tim McCarver, who is literally a mummy. I hate them both like Bubonic plague aids.

Predictions: Yankees in six. Pedro sucking and big deals being made. Bullpens sucking. A Kidrock performance.

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  1. I picked the Yankees in six, too! Is that normal?

    And you didn't mention Captain America.