Thursday, October 29, 2009


Your boy went 0-4 with 3 Ks in the oh so pivotal Game One. Did you know that 11 of the last 12 Game One winners have gone on to win the World Series? Don't look that up. Corroborating is for losers. 100% of Game Seven winners go on to win the World Series. Suck facts, you.

Why did I capitalize game one?

I didn't watch the game. It was on at the bar, but when Cliff Lee is dealing, it's a foregone conclusion. Did he really need to throw 122 pitches, though? I know he's good for it, but 106 through eight with a 6-0 lead seems like a night's work. I should never question Charlie Manuel because he coaches with "his gut." Cannot question a man's gut. It's full of gutsy gut grit.

Anyway, what he did was stupid.

(Guts can't be stupid.) They can just be full of blackish gut juice and pepsin. Charlie was like: "Hey gut, what should I done? Leave him out there or send in Brett Myers for giggles? I know, I'll leave him out there. Say gut, do you like gumbo?"

His gut is full of gumbo.


  1. His gut is a real problem.

    Buck has been calling Burnett "Beckett" for a few pitches now.

  2. ARod is starting to get that sweaty 1,000 yard stare he usually has in the playoffs.

    MCCarver can't even compliment Cliff Lee without washing the balls of the Yankees.