Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Multiple random thoughts, why you are not my friend and why I should be on your watch list.

I'm too lazy and tired to construct a thoughtful, meticulous post, so I'm just going to start writing a list and see where it takes me. I have stripped you all of the joy found in each of my posts by avoiding this blog for a while, but all that has ended. Let the listing commence:

1. Let's forget that I called the Fielder win and take a look at who's the real story on today's headlines. Can you say "Brandon Inge"? I know I can. In fact, I said it 10 times yesterday, each after finding an out in the Home Run Derby, accompanying the phrases "Come on" and "What do you think you're doing" and "You suck". Nevertheless, I still love him with all my heart.

2. Where the freak did this kid come from? Watch out, he swears.

3. The ad. I can't find a single page on Protrade where it would show up. I refuse to continue working until my problems are resolved. And the problems of the ad, of course.


5. Did you know that Jared can read our posts as they are autosaved while we type? This is just creepy, and I am STRONGLY considering switching to AthleteXchange for this lack of privacy.

6. This marks the end of my list. I hope you enjoyed it more than Kowalski's post. Laterz.


  1. You better not neglect us anymore.

  2. Your post was way better, I concur. And start posting more, you need to make us money!

    P.S. I have no idea where our ad would go either. Someone should email Federated Media to inquire. If you are all too scared, let me know and I can inquire.