Thursday, July 16, 2009

How many..

times has CW cried since his suspension? How many times has he promised to give Oski sexual favors if he lets him back on? Huh? How many times has he tried to tell himself that AX is just as good as PT, while constantly refreshing the forums when no one is on? All your comments have been deleted. I think you're banned, or something.

Hi CW, we are still supporting you?


  1. I'm not sure I follow you. I'm pretty sure to answer to all those questions is zero?

    Btw, sleep is for the weak.

  2. Sarcasm, sarcasm. I knew you wouldn't be mad about PT, but I was scared about your health. You seem really stressed out, or just mad at PT?

  3. I don't know what to say about you.

  4. O/U how long it takes before AX and PT mentions on IB:

    a decade


  5. I'm mad at Governor Pawlenty. Everything in this world is his fault.

  6. I fell asleep at like 10 last night after not sleeping at all the night before. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME????