Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm back

It's good to be back. I can fix this site. Also, the South is just too confusing. I can't stand Rally's being Checkers or whatever. It makes no sense. Here are the highlights of my trip:

  • I saw writing in a gas station bathroom that said something about drinking piss for $50. It was really hard to read, so I'm not exactly sure what it said. It left a phone number, too. I wish I was joking.
  • We stayed in Gainesville for a night. I was so close to Tim Tebow, I could almost taste him.
  • The hotel in Gainesville had a night where you get to eat cookies with the staff. We missed it by one night. One night. One. Why is fate so cruel?
  • Florida has a lot of douchey clothes for sale.
  • I saw a store called BJs. I didn't laugh, surprisingly.
  • Florida has a lot of anti-abortion billboards. A LOT. All the other ones were restaurants where they bare all. Whatever that means.
  • Jared jewelry stores aren't nearly as cool anymore.
  • I saw a billboard that only said "Websites."
  • The house we stayed at had a lot of problems, but it was okay. For some reason, half the blinds in my room were ripped out, so you could totally watch me sleeping.
  • I wonder how close I was to Bigface.
  • They had a creepy picture of a clown in one of the rooms. See below.

Welcome me back with nice comments.


  1. You probably drove past me.

    The South has Krystal, which is basically a dog food sandwich, while the North has Friendly's, which I hate. Tie ball game.

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