Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh hello

Rosemary Harris has got to be, NIGH IS, the hottest organism at 82 years old. Each, NIGH EVERY, time she tells Tobey Maguire to eat his vegetables or not be Superman, it gets me all bothered, but not quite hot. Not in the least.

Holy gondola, look at those pants?! I've never seen an old person wear pants like that...unless they were a pair of "ballroom slacks". And check out the low cut blouse with a shawl. It screams "work it but not too hard, remember it's the hips that are artificial not the strut". It screams that verbatim.

The handbag is a great accessory and is full of methadone and glow sticks. You don't get to be that old unless you know how to party hard. Now if only I could see the shoes to quench my insatiable old wrinkly foot fetish dot com.

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