Monday, January 11, 2010

Anger Rankings: Rihanna Songs Part 1 (I'm that lazy)

10. Take a Bow - More like Take a Bowel Movement, am I correct? Important lyric: "You look so dumb right now." So do you, forehead face. Blah boys blah relationships blah world's biggest bangs blah. Try acting and fail at that.

9. Shut up and Drive - Where we going? Off a cliff? I'll do the world a favor and take the wheel. Important lyric: "And a gangsta lean." I know bankers who are more gangster, and I don't mean "bankahs." People who went to school to learn how to bank.

8. Hate that I Love You - Well I love that I hate you. It's really a fantastic feeling that keeps my day going.

7. Don't Stop The Music - Important lyric: "Just let the music play." On order from the United States Government we order you to cease and desist "the music." FYI: I don't have a problem with Rihanna from the voicebox down. TMI?

6. S.O.S. - Songs of shit. Winner


  1. I'm kind of impressed and frightened that you can apparently name 10 Rihanna songs.

  2. Research was involved Steve G.

    /listens to Rated R