Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prediction for Game Four, Kate Hudson continues to suck

Deep down, none of us care. NFL Football has a monopoly on Sunday (sorry God), so everything else takes a back seat, with the few exceptions, like a drinking and/or gambling problem. Nevertheless, I'm going to tell you exactly what happens in this game.

You hear me, Kate? I'm going to do something right. Take notes. Face.

The Phillies are throwing out Fat Joe Blanton. That was cute last year when they were playing the Tampa Bay Where the Hell are We's in the World Series. Blanton is 0-3 with a 8.18 ERA in four starts against the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez has two homers in seven ABs against him. He needs one more homer to set the Yankees single postseason mark with seven.

See that. Right there on the field, Kate? LOOK AT THE FIELD, KATE. That is success. That's the closest you will ever come to it.

My pick: Yankees 10, Phillies 5 and the series will go Yankees in six. That way we finally get to see Nick Swisher even drunker than he is on the field.

Kate, I think a failure like Nick Swisher is more your style. He sports a nifty .175/.316/.286 in 77 career postseason plate appearances. You two lovebirds should make the beast with two backs. Conceive a baby with failure for blood.

Or hell, go after Joe Blanton. Athletes are dumb. Face.

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