Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mort always making sense

What's worse than reading too much into MLB pitcher wins? Probably reading more into NFL QB wins. Dave Krieg has more wins than Steve Young. Better QB then, right? Also, Roman Gabriel has more wins than Roger Staubach, Kerry Collins has more wins than Joe Theismann, and Craig Morton has more wins than Y.A. Tittle.

If you put Aaron Rodgers on the Vikings, his teammates would all kill themselves because Aaron Rodgers is quite possibly the world's worst leader of all time.

He is about to become football's A-Rod, PARDON THE GODDAM PUN.

Update: What is with articles like this? Favre won the Super Bowl in the 1996-97 season. 1996!

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  1. If I could have either Trent Dilfer or Dan Marino in their prime, I'd choose Dilfer. Why? Just look at what's on their fingers.