Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reader(s) Fantasy League


I want the contributors and....readers....to join my fantasy football league. There are 19 spots available (I must have a spot becuase I am king). It is a live draft league with standard scoring (want 2 points for a successful lateral, go somewhere else). The draft is 8:45 PM on September 10th. If you can't make it, DON'T JOIN. Just kidding. Make sure you set your preranks and go drop dead at whichever "thing" you have to attend.

-That's September 10th at 8:45 PM
-No bullshit settings
-One team per person (I know I can't enforce this, but so help me God I'll destroy the league if I sense spidershit goings on)
-If you're too much of a bigshot to be active, then gain 100 pounds and get on disability
-League ID#: 833928
Password: boosh

Or don't join and see if the baby gets it.


  1. I'm not on disability

  2. I joined. Just so you know, you aren't allowed to use any of my advice on here or my rankings.

  3. But I want to draft Eli Manning first..

  4. Wait, no bullshit settings? Come on. I'm not kidding, in my other league all that matters is kick returning. Leon Washington was within 10 point of AP last year.

  5. Dangit. I have a Western Conference Only Auction Keeper Dynasty Fantasy Basketball league draft that night. Fail timing.

  6. Dude, just join and don't show up to the draft. Draft doesn't matter. Also, dude.

  7. Actually, don't join. I'm sure there are at least 200 people wanting to be in the league right now.

  8. I can't, in good conscience, join and not participate in the draft. I'd hate to take a spot away from a loyal reader of the blog.

  9. I lied. I just joined.