Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'll do predictions (stolen material)

Then we will debate over them.

Packers 54, Rams Shit Number

Something like a nine or something. One of those "ZOMG TEH RED ZONE WHAT DO WE DO" numbers.

Texans 35, Jaguars 4

The ole two safety stinkbarn.

Vikings > Niners

Really folks. The Niners are shitty. Teams with good defenses will make them squirm.

Pats > Falcons

Tom Brady is insufferable. Don't take pictures of him or he'll kill your kids.

Bears > Seahawks

Seahawks, NFL's most boring team? I vote yes. Cleveland and St. Louis in the running. Throw Washington in there and KC and Oakland and Denver and Jacksonville and Miami and Tampa Bay and San Francisco and Carolina and Detroit and Chicago also.

Ravens > Browns

The downfall of Brady Quinn is beauty in inevitability.

Eagles > Chiefs

The downfall of Matt Cassell is invitabilitiy in booty.

Giants > bucs

football game, a team wins

Steelers > Bengals, Skins > Lions, Chargers > Doplhintsnn, Saints >, Titans > Oilers, Jets > Cardinles ,,,,,, Coltgs > Jews

Week Three looks like crap.

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  1. Your predictions were surprisingly funn... accurate.