Sunday, November 1, 2009

Big Deal, Kate Hudson

So your beau hit a Classic Jack. It was against Cole Hamels, who is clearly a mental midget. Lol. That story still makes me laugh. To this day.

So it doesn't count.

The only A-Rod homers that count are the ones that give the Yankees a winning margin. It's currently eight to four, Yankees. If you subtract two from eight, you get six, STILL LARGER THAN FOUR, HARPY QUEEN.

To top it all off "You, Me, Dupree, and all of Al Qaeda" hit the cable rounds this week. Another round of trash from your meaningless career. Two good movies in your lifetime: "Almost Famous" and "About Adam". According to RT, that's 2-for-16. That's a .125 average. No wonder A-Rod is all up in your pants. Even he has a .294 career average in postseason play. Guess he figures hanging out with an abject failure will make him look good in comparison. I say it's fool's gold, a phrase used as the title for your worst film, Miss Hudson.

Why isn't Kate Hudson subject to the same disdain as Paris Hilton? Hilton got sweet coin from her parents because they were hotel moguls. Well, Kate Hudson was bequeathed an entire career because her mother is Goldie Hawn, who BTW won an Oscar at 25 and was nominated for another at 36. Your stupid ass was just double nominated for two razzies. DOUBLE NOMINATED. And yet she continues to get work on name alone.

So the next time you feel the need to get some face time during MY World Series, think again hagatha christie. I do not care if you break up with A-Rod and Matt Stairs swoops in for leftovers. Baseball nerds are watching you, and we don't find you remotely attractive unless you are doing math.

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  1. I like these updates. Keep the coming, even when the season is over.